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New to Designing an Isolated Flyback Converter


Hello! I need to design an isolated flyback converter with the following specs:

Input: 4.5V-20V
Output: 5.5V // 1A

Is there any tool that could help me to design this circuit?
I have run into many ic controllers, but in all the design examples I end up having to design a transformer, and I try to avoid it. Do you know any supplier that has a catolog to look for a part that suits my application?
Or should I start learning to design a transformer for this particular application?

The IC I've been looking:

Any help would be appreciated.

Why not buy already made dc-dc converters,  you have some isolated models with a wide input voltage range   around 10 to 20$ usd ??


We use this one : non isolated   5v at 2 amp output
Input voltage from 6.5 to 32vdc ?? 

For a mere 15$ usd, the price as risen a little, we paid them 12$ usd


In your country   you must have electronic part resellers ??

Designing a board could be costly and time consuming

You have tons of designs on a google search    your terminology is : ''isolated dc-dc converter''  not a flyback converter

To add some context, 10u$s to 20u$s is a lot of money here.

And also importing stuff is near impossible at times.

But I concur with you. There has to be something local here that's close to what Ezequiel needs.

For voltages and currents as standard as this, I see no reason for throwing a lot of effort into an own design.
And is importing a ferrite core and bobbin easier than importing a module?

If it werent for the weird 4.5V requirement, i could do a board in two hours flat.

Wurth Electronics has a standard transformer catalog https://www.we-online.com/catalog/en/pbs/power_magnetics

So does the Polish Ferryster but its hard to find the list of available models on their website.


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