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I've just aquired an IsoTech 650 scope.It's about 10 years old but in good working order.I've got some probes of uncertain parentage which work ok but decided to check out some new replacements.As it's a 50mhz scope I thought that a minimum of 100mhz was the way to go but I'm now confused as to exactly which to get.I found some p6100 going cheap (about £10 uk) but they claim DC-6Mhz at *1 and DC-100Mz at *10 is this normal? Will it be ok for my scope? Others had compensation on BOTH *1 and *10 some only on *10 and some were only *1. Techtronics had a set for $9999.99 ( :o).What sort of spec should I be looking at, what price range, any preference or buying advice?
Thanks In Advance.

Choosing a probe for your Tektronix scope (nothing Tek specific about it). The lower bandwidth and lack of compensation range in x1 mode is normal. The low bandwidth is the reason why an x10 is more useful 95% of the time. There's usually no stated compensation range because there's nothing to compensate (an x1 probe is basically a fancy piece of coax, although a pretty special piece if you get a good brand).

I dislike cheap no-name probes, but it probably doesn't make sense to spend $25-$75 each on used brand name probes for a cheap, low-bandwidth scope. Good brands would be the Agilent(HP)/Lecroy/Tektronix trio. I believe PMK also makes some decent probes. I consider brands like Probemaster and Pomona pretty mediocre, and most other cheap brands are even worse (note that a decent probe costs $100+ each new, so $50 would qualify as cheap for a new probe). But if you don't want to spend more on probes than on the scope, you're probably limited to the cheap ones.

Thanks for the reply.
Looks like the £10 ones for me then, I have no need for super accuracy etc just general work and a bit of repair.Only paid £13.50 for the scope from a guy who was closing out an Electronics repair unit.Calibration sticker was for 2006 so should be fairly accurate was just a bit worried about the bw @*1 that the probes quoted  but seems about normal.As you say no point in spending a fortune on probes for a cheap scope but at the same time no point In saving a few pounds on probes to cripple a decent scope.If the cheap ones perform OK then I'm happy enough with that.££

i am content with my stock rigol probes. they can be had on ebay for around $60 usd. the 200mhz hantek probes look nice @ around $40 shipped per pair.


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