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Paint on lacquer?

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I've made a small LED blinker board which consists of a 2032 coin cell on one side of a 25x25mm double sided pcb and on the other side 2 LEDs, a PIC10F200, a tactile switch, 0805 resistors etc. I want something  cheap and tidy that I can cover the circuit and components with to avoid short circuits. I have about 120 boards. I want to keep the pic ICSP pads clear(and LEDs/Switch). Tried a glue gun but it is too messy and hard to control.

Any recommendations?


If the  tactile switch is not a sealed unit, any liquid paint/sealant may wick into the internals and render it usless. A picture would help to see what you are trying to do.  Mark up the pic with the areas you don't want covered.

This is the circuit still on the pcb panel. (Seperated by the score marks).

The 2 round pads on the left and the 3 on the right need to be kept uncovered for programming. Mostly concerned with shorts between the battery + at the top left and the switch or 0805 capacator killing the battery if they were thrown in a drawer etc.

What about liquid insulation tape

Or just some silicon rubber.

or my favorite, glue gun :P

In the US there is stuff called "GOOP"  It is a tough translucent urethane like material in a tube. It is thick like toothpaste and is somewhat self leveling depending on how fresh it is.  It can be thinned with toluene (at your local paint store in the US) so you can remove it or thin it to whatever consistency you need.  It shrinks in thickness quite a bit on drying so you don't want it too thin.  If you have solder paste dispenser you could fill a syringe with it and put it exactly where needed and it would slump to a nice smooth finish.  This stuff is very tough when dry so it would definitely prevent contact.  the advantage of this over silicone is that you can adjust the viscosity with toluene and it is self leveling.  If you try this use it as it comes from the tube first. It will probably be perfect viscosity.  Once the tube has sat around a while it starts to get thicker and that is when the toluene comes in handy.


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