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Hi all.

Have been working on a few emulation projects to support my 6502 on a backplane (HBC-56) emulator.

They're all written in C99, have no dependencies, open source (MIT license). You might find them useful for your own retro computer emulation projects.


6502/65C02 CPU emulator

  • Support for standard 6502, 65C02, WDC65C02 and R65C02.
  • All WDC and Rockwell-specific instructions.
  • Correct handling of Decimal mode.
  • Accurate instruction timing.
  • User-supplied I/O callbacks.
  • IRQ and NMI signals.
  • Multiple CPU instances.
  • Instruction disassembler.
  • Passes all Klaus Dormann 6502/65C02 tests.

GitHub link:

Character / graphics LCD emulator

  • Supports 1, 2 and 4 row character LCDs.
  • 128x64 graphics LCD support.
  • Built-in WASM build with HTML5 renderer.

GitHub link:

TMS9918/TMS9918A VDP emulator

  • Supports all documented modes
    • Graphics I (including sprites).
    • Graphics II (including sprites).
    • Multicolor mode (including sprites).
    • Text mode.
  • 16KB VRAM.
  • 5th sprite.
  • Sprite collisions.
  • VSYNC interrupt.
  • Individual scanline rendering.
  • Supports beam-racing effects.

GitHub link:

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