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PIC controller and high speed signals

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I want to make a project to decode serial signals with clock frequencies around 50 MHz or maybe more.

Does anybody knows a good PIC microcontroller to achieve this task ?


To do bit-banging at 50MHz, the PIC will probably have to run at about 200MHz instruction clock, or 800MHz CPU clock.

Even a very fast microcontroller like a STM32F4 (200 MHz Cortex-M4) will struggle to keep up.

At this frequency, programmable logic (FPGA) probably makes more sense.

Thanks for the answer, do you know a development board and the programmer ?


For FPGAs? I don't really know. Last time I checked they are all very expensive.

I always designed my own FPGA boards. Could be much cheaper depending on your PCB design experience.

For programmers, I've been using a clone from ebay. Works perfectly and it's about 1/3 the price of the real thing.

Cyberfish thanks again, what FPGA do you use, I'm may be able to do the board design.



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