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PIC18F Software Problems

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I'm trying to create USB data acquisition device with a PIC18F4550 and my friend and I are having a real hard time getting the software side of it to work. Does anyone know of a good tutorial that can explain the following?

Which bootloader to use?
Should we use the HID bootloader, and if so, how do we get it to work?

Gary Servin:
What compiler are you using?? Microchip's Application Library comes with a Bootloader project for MPLAB C18.

maybe i should explane more, pc recognizes the pic and the HID driver woks but beyond that we are stuck what, i would like to get to the point where i can turn leds on with the computer. any one got any ideas? ???

Gary Servin:
Depends on which compiler you are using. Here's an article I found when I started with USB on PICs. But they use Hi-Tech compiler.


The bootloader is only for loading a new program onto the PIC via USB. It has nothing to do with communicating with a host device.

If you download the USB framework from microchip's website, there are plenty of examples. The easiest way to implement a basic device is to use their framework that enumerates the PIC as a Serial Port on the host PC. Then its pretty easy to use serial communication for control/data transfer. There's even an example app for turning LEDs on and off with all the Visual Basic projects/code included.

The HID bootloader takes up 0x1000 space while the MCHPUSB/PICDEM bootloader only uses 0x0800. However, you need to install specific drivers on the host PC to use MCHPUSB. The HID bootloader is plug and play.

There is also a HID driverless framework for communication as well but its a bit more complicated to use.


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