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Please any advice for connecting shield for my project ?

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Hello everyone,

I have a project consisting of making an ADC main board with a raspeberry PI4B which will allow me to measure differential voltages from a MEMS sensor on remote micro-boards.

These boards are connected to my main ADC board with 4-wire AWG32 cables + shield. The wires transport differentials analog outputs from MEMS IC.

I wonder how to connect the shield on the side of the ADC card and on the side of my MEMS micro-cards.

Could you give me your opinion please?

Thank you !‚Äč

Salut rdpdo,
just on one side, if on the ADC-side or the sensor-side you have to work out by yourself.
With (differential) audio-applications i connect the shield just at the input (not the source)
but with active sensors it might differ.
Good luck

Terry Bites:
The shield should tie to agnd. Don't connect to the shield to ground at the remote sensor end. You don't want any power supply currents flowing in the shield.

Thanks you very much for your help !

Last question... does the order in the connector is correct ? Vcc-Vh-Vl-GND where Vh and Vl are the differential voltage ? Does it matter ? Thanks !


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