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Please let me know if my very-high-power load has a fatal flaw

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Perhaps that is a little too unkind to the engineers (sales weasels are a different question).  Hanlon's razor always applies, and I think engineers can be excused for not rigorously testing their switching FETs for edge-case failure modes when they are used in ways never intended.  Perhaps the reply to "why didn't you test for this failure mode and characterize your device properly" would sound something like "why didn't you use the right part in your application?"

you can bet the data sheet was HIGHLY redacted by sales

if an engineers were behind it, it would be a text book of different graphs. whats easier figuring out whats 'good' data or just posting all your recordings ? at work typically you make recordings all damn day. what did you do today? *hands boss a wad of recordings*

its great, shows how much work you did too. all those graphs and tables. you put hard work into making all those measurements >:(
and you get credit for the 0.1% that make it into the sales brochure/project cover sheet.

the data does exist because the figure heads need to be confident in being able to vouch. people throw em curve balls. there has got to be tomes of it

you think no one thought for all these years to be able to sell a part for MORE then just switching? more APPLICATIONS = MORE SALES.

you know that the real reason was "well we don't want to confuse the customer!"

looks like running fets in linear mode is just a bad idea,i think bjt's would be better but current driven so more complex drive methods needed.

Thanks for commenting.  I made one with BJT power devices as well, haha!  I like this FET one better for its higher voltage and power capacities.

I did this: https://forum.allaboutcircuits.com/threads/a-high-power-active-load-for-dc-power-supply-testing.168850/


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