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Portable bench PSU with switch pre-regulator


I want a bench PSU and want to build it on my own.
Here's some spec that I want:
1. compact: I got no much free space on my dormitory desk :P.
2. wide input voltage range: 12-24v, can be powered by laptop adapter, PD charger, li-ion packs or etc.
3. relative high power: 0-25V, 0-5A, 50-100w output power.
4. decent noise and stability: <30mv ripple? I got no good idea now. But it won't be rocket scicence anyway.
5. Low cost: Jellybean part should be used so anyone can build one (no LT parts  ???).

So I think switch regulator should be used, for a voltage greater than input is needed. I decide to try some 4 SW buck-boost controller. It's now common in PD powerbank.
And a linear post-regulator is needed for lower noise and fast CC/CV operate.

I start this thread to record my tries so somebody may learn something and hope some kind people pointed out my mistakes. :)
For now I have already done the linear post-regulator schematic. Every compoment can be found in lcsc. Any feed back will be welcome.

For the pre-reg, now I find PL5501. It looks promising, 36V max output and >95% effcient. I wiil give it a try. :popcorn:


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