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Power supply discharge at power off.

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I have a power supply based on the LM regulator series, when the power supply is turned off, it takes long time to discharge.

I have a voltage panel meter connected to it, and don't like the fact that the LCD will go off after some (long) time after shutting down the unit.

So is there a technique to automatically discharge faster the power supply when turned off ?

Something I can add to the power supply output (without modifying the existing PS), but of course the idea is that when the PS is on this circuit will present a small load to the PS.

Please comment or suggest.

Use a double pole switch, one pole for the mains and the other for the DC side but make sure the switch has adequate isolation between poles.

Good idea, but I want to avoid changing the current PS and would like to add something to the output.
I also would like to avoid mechanical devices like relays or switches.

Why would you want to avoid a relay?  Thats the typical solution for this situation, that or the switch as mentioned.

Surely a 10k or so bleed resistor will drain the caps in not-very-long without massively compromising the drive current?


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