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Precision Load Cell (Wheatstone Bridge) Simulator

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How did it perform? I am considering to give it a go!

I'll test it the next week.
Anyway I've yet made a couple of changes. Like adding a fixed calib SMD resistor of 23R7 insted of the THT. And a toggle DPDT to invert the EXC without disconnecting the cables. This is usefull to simulate the "unload" of a load cell.

I know this is a bit late in the day but have you tried to simulate it on https://www.falstad.com/circuit/ ?
I find the visual simulations work really well.

Thank you for suggestion.
I know falstad.com but I've simulated it in LTSpice, that is a little better than falstad.com
You can find the LTSpice simulation file above in my posts (it's the .asc file).

Please keep me updated because I'm really interested, I have been looking for such project and would be lovely to give it a go!


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