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Problems trying to develop a stepper motor driver with TB6600


Hello, I am developing a stepper motor driver using the TB6600HG. However, when I plug the motor, all I hear is a faint buzzing sound, and the motor does not rotate. When I send commands to rotate, I can hear a subtle sound, but the motor still does not move.

This is the first time I am trying to develop my own hardware, I will post the schematic.

The step motor is a NEMA 23 model 23HS5628

What I have done so far:

- Tested the motor with a driver I had already bought, and it worked perfectly.
- Replaced the TB6600HG and got the same symptom.
- Soldered the components onto a board, as I thought there might be a bad contact or interference on the breadboard, but the problem persisted.
- Tested with different microstep configurations.

Could someone help me understand what might be happening? Did I design something incorrectly? What am I missing?

You seem to be powering things from the Vreg pin.
I don't see that as possible from the data sheet. In fact, quite the opposite.
If you have an external +5 V supply, it should not be connected to Vreg like you've done.

You are absolutely right. And yes, I'm using 5V from an external supply. I removed the external 5 volts from VREG. I also noticed that the sounds the stepper motor was making were because of the poor quality of the 5V supply (ripples). Fixing those issues made the driver work. Thank you.

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