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Hey everyone,

Just wondering is anyone can suggest a good language to learn to create PC programs. Specifically I want to be able to create interfaces that work with my micro projects.

Basically I want to use USB or 232 to communicate with the micros. Example might be that I can control what the micro is doing from the PC or the Micro can report some external events to the computer. I know I can use some hyperterminal type software, but I want to be able to have my own enviroment with custom buttons and a nice GUI.

Visual basic, c++ something else?


I use Visual C# 2010 Express Edition for USB connections and a lot of stuff. It's free for personal and commercial use.


I also use Visual Studio C# to communicate with microcontrollers via USB.

Depending on your experience, starting with a more friendly language like Python might also be a good idea. VB is dead, and VB.net is basically C# with a different syntax. I wouldn't consider C# easy for someone without CS or programming background. What you want is probably possible in almost any modern language, it's just a question how hard it is to accomplish.

Visual Basic is dead in the same way that Fortran is dead. In other words, it just isn't. There is such a huge code and skills base out there that it isn't going to die for quite some time. If you want marketable skills to put on your CV/resume, don't go with Python. I'm sure it has it's benefits, but then so do hundreds of other minor languages that <0.01% of the population know.


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