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PV providing power for a small pc, with mains powered 12v backup

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I got a new little machine for running my cctv system, and when i realized that it was only drawing around 40 watts from the wall, i realised, i started thinking about how to run this thing off a PV panel, i can easily supply it from a picopsu either the 12volt version or one of the ones that have a bigger inputrange.
I would need some circuity that would be able to swap between PV and 12volt plug when needed, but i have not really been able to find anything the remotely, possibly because i don't know the right words for what I'm looking for :)

My guesstimate is that i would need 7-8 amps on 12 volt, maybe it would make sense to run it on 24volts so i have to deal with less current.

Anyone that can send me in the right direction?


The simpler way might be to run off the battery (that you will actually be doing most of the time anyway), and keep it topped up from the solar panels. If anything you want an emergency cut in from the mains.

Chet T16:
Is this relevant to you?


The board i made is designed to switch a solid state relay on a 12V PSU when the input voltage (from a solar panel/battery) drops too low

Thanks for the replies,

Simon, i did not plan in the first phase to use batteries, may an option down the road, but i would need a significant amount of batteries to drive 80 watts for 16 hours a dayAda, so i would need the automatic switchover, in any case.

Chet T16, it sounds very much what you have there that i want, i need to study your schematics a bit more in detail, so understand if it can handle 8 amps at 12 volt.


Without a battery or mains backup your system will not work. There is so much variability in the suns intensity or availability at all that your system will be unreliable without a reliable source of power.


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