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PXIe instrument in a regular PC

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--- Quote from: zrq on June 17, 2023, 10:40:27 am ---Congratulations. I hope the cooling will not be an issue as I read on NI knowledge base articles recommending setting the fan of PXIe chassis to high to avoid FPGA overheating.
I'm so tempted to get a 5645 or 5644 from ebay and make a similar adapter board.

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Yes, I'm a bit worried about the cooling. I will have 2x 50x10mm fans on the intake below and 2x pulling on the other side. I will set it up and monitor the device temperature. If this is not enough then some creative solutions will be needed.

I haven't decided yet, but I might make the board design open source and/or maybe try to sell it in various build stages.
Either way if you decide to build your own and have questions about the specifics of mine feel free to ask!

I am not proud of the Dremel carnage I did on the PC case, but at least I got the fan mounting brackets and those are nice.

I like those rivet/nut things, nice!



--- Quote from: oilburner on June 20, 2023, 02:00:25 am ---I like those rivet/nut things, nice!

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My second favorite thing after heat-set inserts :)


I'm pretty happy with this, but I'm already waiting for parts for Rev B.
The modifications to the PC case are not nice nor easy so I decided to ditch the double 5.25" bay compatibility and get a PC case that will house the instrument cage vertically with one big fan below, venting through the top of the case. It will be more silent and mechanically robust.
Until then check this out:


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