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PXIe instrument in a regular PC

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For anyone that might care this is as done as probably it ever will be.
PCB files and info on hackaday.

This is an awesome project. Your end result is very clean. How flexible is the software for signal generation? Is it useful out of the box or is it just a basic demo and the user is expected to develop their own applications?

just saw on ebay  that you have dual / quad sff-8643 connectors  pcie adaptors, 

maybe it need a new backplane pcb to fit theses, if you expand it in the future ...


Very cool, just pulled the trigger for mine 5644R, should arrive in my apartment for <$400. Thanks very much for posting the files, it will be a nice Christmas project for me.
However I noticed a problem in 20 minutes after paying, the semi-rigid link between CAL IN and CAL OUT was removed by some dumb guy.  :palm: Despite the seller claim it to be in “Excellent working conditions”. I'm going to replace it with the best SMA cable I can find, and hope the VST not that sensitive to this.

I also want to help hacking together the Gnuradio blocks, although not sure I'm competent enough in the hard core C/C++ part, but I can try.

Order placed at JLCPCB (101 EUR for 10pcs). So if anyone in the Europe (I'm an expat) interested in a board, you may let me know and I can mail you one.


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