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PXIe instrument in a regular PC

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May you bother to discuss a bit more on the software side?
If I understand right, if the description ini files in C:\ProgramData\PXISA\Chassis are created correctly (and the pxiesys.ini and possibly also the ChassisDescriptionFilePath registry), the adapter board can get recognized as a chassis and the VST board get enumerated (if it's already enumerated at UEFI booting and seen by Windows).
Or is it compulsory to write a stub DLL like NIPXIeSMu.dll to help enumeration and implement the SMBus operations?


--- Quote from: Marsupilami on June 27, 2023, 03:30:17 am ---TADA!

I'm pretty happy with this, but I'm already waiting for parts for Rev B.
The modifications to the PC case are not nice nor easy so I decided to ditch the double 5.25" bay compatibility and get a PC case that will house the instrument cage vertically with one big fan below, venting through the top of the case. It will be more silent and mechanically robust.
Until then check this out:

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Hi Marsupilami
would you mind to  share the case 3D print file...?
I want to print one...and does the main frame still need make by AL?

Thank  :-[ :-*


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