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Q on board-to-board connectors

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I'm thinking of splitting a design into two boards rather than one.  One area I think would be done best as a 4-layer board.  Another is a lot of switches, and I don't see why this shouldn't be done as a two layer board.  I'm thinking:  Why spend money on extra layers when I don't think they will help.

This would require some sort of board-to-board connector, and I have no experience with this.  I would like something that is reliable.  I don't see a lot of connection cycles.  I'd rather not need to buy crimpers etc for a single project.

We are talking low voltage, almost no current.  Some LEDs would need power, but mainly switches.

Any recommendations?

is it worth that hassle to save a little on the board?

Easiest way is using pin header (if u want one board on another). BTW you don't need crimpers for awg cable / crimp connector - u can make it using pliers (but u will buy crimpers sooner or later).
TIP You can use MUX, or small uC if you have a lot of buttons /switches, and then use serial standard to connect between boards.

Sounds like a false economy unless you're using a certain PCB house known for purple boards and charging by the square inch. In which case, maybe consider somewhere else.

But otherwise, how about flat flex cables? Pre-cut to length, no crimping, and pennies per cable if you order from LCSC.

It's usually better/cheaper to have one PCB rather than two.
So you only use two if you absolutely have to.

One cheap option to join them is a FFC, you can get them made to any length very easily and have an FFC connector on each PCB.

Cheaper than that is a hotbar flex (eg flex without the connectors). But you then need a hotbar jig to solder them.

You can of course just use pin headers to join the PCBs but you have to be careful because that's a rigid connection and you will fracture the solder joints from general vibration unless the boards are held solidly together.

You can always just use a 2.54 wired connector headers. but cost is higher.

Or SMT mount board to board connectors but that is also higher cost especially at high pin counts.


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