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RGB modding sony vcr/combo
« on: September 21, 2019, 09:43:00 am »
hi i don't know if i posted in the right place or not if not admin please relocate it i did my best not to bother you.
anyways i am trying to do a RGB mod on my vcr tv combo like eevlog guy but this is a very different model i cant find any service manual since the model label is worn out but by opening the case i got the identification of chips and ics apparently tho osd rgb seems to be digital since there are 6 pins related to rgb due to datasheet of mcu that provides the osd rgb there are R,G,B ,I ,YS ,YM related to that function in microcontroller ic , in other hand there is a jungle ic that has 3 of RGB pins beside rgb outputs with the names of Rclp,Gclp,Bclp and i dont know what does clamp means really at the end of each color but r and b are connected to pal secam ic and g is grounded by a cap . i have done rgb mods before but there were very easy to do i dont know anything about this tv combo i provided the pics of pinouts so you can give me your opinion on this project , guide me how can i mod it into rgb monitor , thanks
ps my remote has a model number on it and its rm-847 but i couldnt find any information about tv that belongs to this remote!

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