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APDS9960 Pro - making better gesture recognition module for Arduino and others

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--- Quote from: tooki on May 27, 2023, 02:34:36 pm ---Why make a board with its own MCU and GPIOs? Why not just a small sensor board and a library so that people can integrate it into their own hardware?

I wouldn’t expect to make money on this. And that’s even if gesture interfaces were popular, which they’re not (for good reason).

--- End quote ---
So tooki was right. I haven't sold any. I had a tracker on a "buy now" button and there was only 10 clicks since summer. I am going to release current version of algorithm. I am thinking about creating newer smaller version with I2C-port only and better recognition.

Thanks for the update. While I don't celebrate it not working out for you as a business, I am not surprised. From the start it wasn't clear who the target audience for this is.

A frequent way products get invented is because a client has needed something, you make it for them, and you then realize you can sell it to a lot more customers. (Look at the history of the ICL7106 multimeter chip and of the Intel 4004 microprocessor, for great examples of this. Memory foam is another: invented for NASA, now used by millions of people for bedding.) That's because you're developing something you know there's a market for. In contrast, developing something based on hypothetical market demand is much riskier.

All the same, good luck with your endeavors!


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