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Reliable source for micro HDMI Male PCB mount connectors??........

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Something like this would be perfect:

Surface mount is fine too.

All I can find is Alibaba sources. 

This is one of those problems I did not expect have, but unless I'm doing something stupid Digikey/Mouser have nothing like this.


No male micro HDMI love?   Do they have too much toxic male connector masculinity?  They are "micro" connectors, so they are probably going to be compensating for that.... :)

It's like trying to find PCB mount male BNC, they exist, they are made in reasonable volume, but are not stocked in regular wholesale/retail.

If you need reliable volume, go ask the manufacturers. Small volume, one time buy of mystery grey market stuff.

This came up again... who's going to be my new personal hero?
(Ideally something with a datasheet that actually has a mechanical drawing for the pins)

This one looks like similar to what you are looking for:

I also found a Molex part but it's not a publicly available part.


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