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Remote controller battery power stabilzation

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Hi everybody,

I'm designing a a remote controller which will be powered by a standard 9 Volt battery. The remote controller will have various buttons, an ATMEGA 328p microcontroller (will use my Femtoduino), 3-axis gyroscope accelerometer and magnetometer (as in my FreeIMU), LDR sensors, an RGB led and a pager motor. Communication will happen using a Bluetooth Mate Gold.

I never designed anything battery powered and my education is not in e.e. ..
Do I have to implement some kind of battery power stabilization for the 9V battery?
Note that the FreeIMU, Femtoduino and Bluetooth Mate all have their respective 10uF caps with their voltage regulators.


Fabio Varesano

providing your parts can take 9V and won't mind the voltage slowly dropping to 7V or lower you will have no problem using the battery directly

Thank you Simon, yeah the voltage regulators on the various parts are all 9V tolerant and as the higher voltage I have is 5V I think it's ok if power drops to 7V. Thanks!

well most regulators drop out at 1.7-2V although you can get some regs that are as low as 0.2V but these are specific. You need to look at the datasheets for the devices you are using

stabilizing with just a simple bypass capacitor can save you from a rusty contact or quick bump on the unit.


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