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Replacement firmware for Dyson V10 Batteries

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I'll ask you again. maybe there are already options with V11? I have 3 batteries lying around. I want to revive them.

hi David, great job, thanks, I am a beginner of learning BMS and I found your project on github when I try Tinfever's V6/7 BMS project. You mentioned some functions are still not implemented, will you go on this project and release new firmware? I would like to learn from this.

I got a MPLAB IDE and a PICkit3 when I learn V6/7, what should I prepare for V10? You have a very good idea is to use a raspberry pie to burn the firmware, but I don't have this, do you recommend to buy a raspberry or to buy an ATMEL tool?

many thanks

Hello everyone Has anyone compiled a firmware V10 BMS file from dear David Moyes? I want to try to flash the controller using a programmer, can you share the bin firmware file?

Hi David, I saw in the firmware operation on your github that your firmware has LED code with high and low temperature protection. I saw here that you said there is no temperature protection. I am not sure whether there is temperature protection?


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