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Replacement firmware for Dyson V10 Batteries

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I've been working on producing a from-scratch firmware replacement for the Dyson V10 vacuum cleaner battery packs.


Well, because the original firmware on these boards permanently disables the pack when the cells fail/go out of balance, and even if you replace the cells, the BMS won't ever work again as it stores an error code in its' internal flash.

I've managed to produce replacement firmware which mimics the functionality of the existing one, including a serial connection to the vacuum cleaner which tricks it into thinking it's talking to a genuine original pack.
This is available under the GPL v3, at https://github.com/davidmpye/V10_Dyson_BMS/

In summary:

What works:  Charging and discharging are supported, and it can communicate with the vacuum cleaner so it powers up.

What doesnt:  I haven't implemented temperature protection yet, so while over/undervoltage are catered for, the temperature of the pack ISNT currently monitored. 

At the moment, if you'd like to try it you will need: Microchip Studio (free download) and an SWD programmer that Microchip Studio supports (eg ATMEL ICE, though other CMSIS-DAP compliant programmers might work too - please let me know if they do!)
I've produced basic flashing instructions https://github.com/davidmpye/V10_Dyson_BMS/wiki/Flashing

It is possible to flash it using a Raspberry Pi and its' GPIO headers directly as well, but this requires a modified version of OpenOCD and some other hackery to get the Security Bit disabled from the MCU.  In time, when the project is more complete, I will be able to produce SD card images which will auto-flash the packs to make things more accessible :-)

If anyone fancies collaborating/testing etc, please do let me know :-)


good afternoon, thank you so much for your work.
I flashed using j-link v9. the battery came to life. I will conduct tests.
 after that, I counted through J-Flash 7.84., I can upload here a file for firmware using J-Flash V7.84. and j-link v9.

Hi,  that's great to hear.  Please let me know how you get on - does it charge and operate the vacuum ok?

When you unplug the charger it should give you short flashes (1 flash is 50mV) to tell you how unbalanced the pack is.




i have jlink v9 can you give me the firmware file, my damn dyson v10 just broke the battery today, thank you

this is not the final version. but the vacuum cleaner works with it.


Current version has quite a few improvements including error codes so you can work out what's wrong, as well as temperature monitoring.

I can supply a binary but seeing as you'll need Microchip studio as a free download it's only one extra step to download the project and compile it yourself.


Please do let me know how you get on!



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