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Replacement of tube amplifier kit filter choke

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luiHS, if you haven't made such a valve amp before, and have minimal measurement and test gear, then imho this is an advanced amp to start your learning curve with, even if it is a kit with pcb's and construction details.  I say this as KT88's are quite expensive, and rail voltages are high, and unless the construction details have detailed steps for checking everything out in minute details with low risk, and you have at least a variac for initial testing, then it may be quite easy to overlook something and not realise until too late.

Do you really need the choke(s) to plan your chassis layout in advance, or can you simply use a resistor for each choke for starters? A resistor is not going to significantly affect initial start-up capability/performance, and may well avoid damaging any choke if there was an accidental fault somewhere.

My view is that the design is lacking some basic forms of protection for a modern valve amp, including fusing the 340Vac secondary and making the bias trim pots fail-safe.


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