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replacing a projector bulb with leds

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I was recently given a projector. I decide to find out how much a bulb replacement will cost. err: nearly the price of a newer and better projector.

But can a projector bulb be replaced with leds ?there is plenty of room. My only worry is that I can't use the 380V supply to the old bulb and if the projector finds that the bulb is missing t will fail to work

Yes, it seems like a number of people have done it before:

There's usually a control signal that indicates that the bulb is present.

Although you can do it, brightness will be a tiny fraction of what it was with  the bulb.
I believe there are some cheap third-party replacements for some bulbs so worth lookking around.

Hi Simon,

There is a lot of info on DIY video projectors over at http://www.diyaudio.com. I think some people over there may have done what you are proposing.

Many (most/all?) projectors use an Osram ballast, and there are a couple of standard control/monitoring protocols documented on the Osram site, so faking the ballast to trick the projector into working should be doable.
Some links to protocol documents here

Might also be worth investigating automotive HID headlamp bulbs - aftermarket lamp+ballast kits are pretty cheap on ebay


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