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Resistor on a post in CRT monitor?

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I'm busy trying to repair a old 12" CRT from the early 80's - Yes, I'm  aware of the electrical dangers  ;)

One of the components is a 56R resistor which is now reading 100R. Looking at the schematic it's a 56R RN1/4 which from what I can gather is a 0.25W Metal Film Resistor.  Resistor looks a bit worse for wear and has overheated.

That's all good and easily replaceable. One thing that I've noticed is that there are a few resistors around the HV side that have one leg soldered to a post which I've not seen before.

Guessing it's to keep it off the PCB for cooling? But why one leg and why mount it to a post? (Or is the post also some sort of heat sink?)

Was this a standard for the CRT's in the 80's?

Usually 2 posts were used to keep the heat away from the board

post keeps HV arc to PCB surface eg dust.

Very common.

Use carbon comp resistor rated for the HV


Thanks for the info. Will source the correct resistor replacement.

You can see the windings, this isn’t a carbon composition resistor but a metal film type.


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