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Restoring an Old Oscilloscope

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I just got an old 5 MHz analog oscilloscope a few days ago, but unfortunately it doesn't quite work right. All I get is this when I turn it on....

I want to restore it to working condition, but I don't really know where to start. I know that it is a kit from the 1970s from DeVry School of Technology. I have all of the manuals, schematics, books, etc. Like I said, I really want to restore this thing to working condition. Here are more pictures of the scope........

I would start by looking at the Horizontal timebase and work from there.


In all the pics the vertical input is set to "calibrate". I'd flip that up and set all the variable controls to the halfway mark and see what you get.

Concur.  There doesnt' seem to be any horizontal sweep.  After turning off the calibrator, which could be a 1Vpp square wave, you should have a single dot, suggesting the horizontal sweep is dead.  Try a 1-10Vdc and just touch it on the horizontal inputs and it should cause it to jerk left or right, this might mean the amp is ok but just the oscillator is dead.

I remember a scope similar to that in old trade catalogs when I was a kid; it was a kit for DIY.

--- Quote from: Darkman1969 on April 04, 2011, 05:16:34 am ---I would start by looking at the Horizontal timebase and work from there.


--- End quote ---

That's actually a Heathkit re-badged as Bell&Howell.  Most of the semiconductors in there will be marked with Heath's own part numbers.  Fear not, there are plenty of sites that contain cross references between Heath part numbers and standard parts.


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