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RfC: MCU evaluation boards that is almost just a DIP adapter


This shown PCB here is my ATSAML11 evaluation board. The target chip is TSSOP-24 package, while my board have the exact footprint as a wide DIP-24 package, and it have almost the exact same pinout as the ATSAML11 chip in question. On the back of the board is power converters and a STM32F042 providing USB serial and CMSIS-DAP. This is a 2-layer PCB.

Is this a good idea in constructing evaluation modules? Use a standard DIP size, follow the original pinout as much as possible, then integrate enough supporting hardware so that evaluation can be done using minimal additional hardware? (In this case, this board can allow evaluation of ATSAML11 on itself, thanks to the built-in serial port and debugger.)

I think its a good idea, if it works well  why not ?  i see it like a dip 24,  the same way i see an blue pill or any  Arduino board or any development board, its convivial  and can be put on a breadboard   :-+


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