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RGB to Component Converter

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--- Quote from: Terry Bites on October 18, 2021, 10:25:05 pm ---A linear supply is a good idea in AV, not that switchers are no good, its just a potential problem you can eliminate off the bat.
TI's THS7315 is great vfm compared to the LM6172, about twice the price of a single genuine 072. Rohm used to make a dedicated IC  BA7230LS. Like so many analog video ICs its gone to meet its maker. I believe that there are still some MC1377s still in the aether. Comodore fan boys can help.

The TL072 would be problematic  The frequncy/ phase response of the opamp  is the obvious culprit. I'm not too sure its happy driving a low imopedance load. the video bandwith at SD it 12MHz. At unity gain this opamp is out of its depth.

I spent a small fortune on racks of analog matrix switches just before HDMI appeared. It made a grown man cry. Still, not my own cash!

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Interesting you say this as I actually have some 316 ICs left over from making my original gen XBOX component cable (look up xosvp for the schematic I used).

So here is my idea. I use regular transistors to buffer my R, G, B and Sync lines. Use my resistors to mix the signal to YCbCr, then output via a 7316. This could work but how would I combine the sync to the Y pin before the 7316?

I will draw a schematic later today of my idea.


--- Quote from: paul_g_787 on October 25, 2021, 05:04:43 pm ---2. The two that I found that do actually have true RGB input (which cost me £30 and £19 a piece!!) are marketed as an "active" converter. It processes the image digitally and causes a delay of between 50-100ms in my testing. This is OK for video e.g. a DVD player but not acceptable for gaming, especially fast-paced shooters etc...

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Sounds like you'll be interested in the "OSSC", a low latency upscaler just for gaming. Main downside is that it's expensive, but since it's open source, it might be possible to DIY a cheaper version.


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