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RIGOL DS1000E-Series RS232 Remote Logger APP

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Hi all,

now being another happy owner of the DS1052E i just had the idea of using the device as an remote logger for several things. (i.e. DC battery charge)

So i decided to code a little app. The app is at very alpha stage just to check how things work via RS232. In the end it should log the input to a csv-file to work with. :)


It works at COM 8,N,1 9600 with a straight RS232-connection-cable.

At the moment you can aquire single-shot or in automode. The oscilloscope is not locked at the most of the time, so you may change settings if you want.


To introduce myself, im from Germany, 31 years old, studiing microsystemelectronics.

Would be nice to get some feedback or ideas.

Regards, doc

Edit: Code C#, so .NET3.5 is required to run.

Why doesn't it have a preview of the waveform?

Because previewing the waveform via RS232 is not implemented by RIGOL. The tool is not intended to be a new Ultrascope. It's mainly for measuring DC, Temp etc.  ;D

why dont use usb connection?
why should have redundant eng. decimal, Vrms shown already?
can rigol be used/designed for a 24/7 logging operation?

Well, actually i don't know how to use the dll's Rigol supplied in SharpDevelop C#.

The redundant display is actually the debug-box and the panel-meter. I just use the box for status/error/timeouts. If you switch the measurement the panel-meter will also switch.

I quickly read the stuff about NI-VISA connection, the commands are the same like with RS232. As for the 24/7-operation, i don't see any reason why it should not work. I assume that Rigol-devices are made for 24/7-operation. :) The app just read out the the registers, so nothing harmful? :) I just had the idea, because UltraScope does not provide a feature like this. And as long as i don't own a DMM with USB/RS232-connection this would be my option to do so.


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