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running my scope from an inverter

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Hi,i am trying to power my rigole dso from a 150w-240v inverter,it gives noise on the display,is there a way to cleanup the inverter output to stop this?,its the same running the inverter from a car battery or my psu,thanks.

Power something else with your inverter, and then measure it's output with your rigole oscilloscope (and a suitable probe).
When you see the output of the inverter, you may understand why the rigole does not work properly when powered from your inverter. Then you can experiment with mains filters to improve upon that.

As an alternative, you can also hack into your rigole and completely replace it's power supply with a low voltage DC SMPS circuit.

Also,  Rigol, another brand with a similar name recently put a new model scope on the market which can be powered by an external DC adapter (or presumedly a battery pack)


Another option is to get an extra scope that is purpose built fror battery usage. Micsig has some nice scopes, and for occasional use the small handheld Owon's (starting at around EUR150) seem to have a quite good performance for their modest price.

Which Rigol is it? Some of them will work down to about 36V. Scrap the inverter idea and use several batteries in series, or a boost converter.

I toyed with the idea of building a battery pack for my DS1054Z, but lost interest in the project, when I bought an Owon with a built-in rechargeable battery.

its a rigol ds1052d,its usable as is on the inverter but could be better,how do i make a mains filter?,i have a few from old bits of test gear,is it called an iec?,there metal cans about an inch wide about 2 inches long and about an inch and a half wide,would one iof those be ok?,there is room to fit the inverter inside the scope but think electrical noise will cause issues,i think its a square wave job so will be rich in harmonics!.

I thought there were inverters that were more expensive, more sophisticated, and produced better waveforms.  Is that an option?


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