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Could i use a scr to control a dc motor

It's very common to use a SCR as a controlled rectifier to operate DC motors.

To control a DC motor is OKay, but if the supply is DC you will have a problem.  Once you fire an SCR, it will not turn off until the controlled current through it goes to zero.  If the supply is AC, its easy.  Each 1/2 cycle the voltage goes to zero and the SCR shuts off.  If you have DC, the voltage never crosses zero and the SCR will remain on.  The standard solution is to use a second SCR and a tapped inductor.  The second SCR momentarily diverts the current, shutting off the first.

If you are using DC as a supply, better to use an IGBT.


the reason i want to use a scr is because i am controlling a golf cart and that motor stalls a 300a

A golf cart is powered by a bank of batteries which is DC.  I guess I am confused with how you would use a latch device in this application.  Maybe something like a GTO thyristor is more up your alley?  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gate_turn-off_thyristor


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