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Serial Inteface for WZ5020L 20A 1000W Power Supply


I have a WZ5020L 20A 1000W Power Supply - see:

It's got an N76E003AT20 - an 8051 compatible uController https://www.nuvoton.com/export/resource-files/DS_N76E003_EN_Rev1.08.pdf. The components are tightly integrated and I'm not aware of any published serial connection information, although it seems to be provided for on the board near the screen/button connectors.

Any ideas on how I can hack into it with serial control? I'd like to control it with an esp32.

A little late but the communication to the WZ5020L Display is SPI on 3 lines at 3.3 volts.
The 5 control signals to the board from the switches and encoder are just using a signal to ground, which are normally 3.3 volt floating signals from the board.
The ESP32 Slave SPI software on GitHub works to get you started.


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