Author Topic: Boost converter + lipo charger/battery protection circuit  (Read 1516 times)

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Re: Boost converter + lipo charger/battery protection circuit
« Reply #25 on: March 21, 2019, 03:02:52 pm »
Yeah, but if you need other voltages, then you might be out of luck. I made this mainly for powering DSO150 (which gets powered by around 9V). Works ok for this purpose. I added battery protection just in case if I ever wanted to use bare cell.

Yes, true, most are designed for 5V (aka powerbank). However, it shouldn't be too hard to change the resistors in the feedback divider, if needed.

A much worse issue is that some of these modules are poorly designed and don't regulate properly - I have one that is supposed to be a buck-boost converter for 3.3V and it was completely happy to send me 4V+ into a radio module that cannot handle more than 3.6V, destroying it. Or don't want to start properly under load.

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