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Siemens Shortwave Receiver rel 445 E311 d2 Special Component, what ?


in my latest video release i found a "new" component
I have not seen before, it is shown at 27 mins
Siemens Blue "ic" with 5 pins
but the same part is also used many other places, with some pins cut away
could it be a micro made selenium rectifier bridge ?
the 4 diodes often have 5 connections to them.

anyone with a datasheet ?

the video is here


Hi! Very happy to find another enthusiast for this wonderful receiver!

The strange 5 pin components are normal diodes, in parallel with the relay-coils.

Very nice your video! From my side, I prepared a small technical note on the e311, with some translations from the original manuals.

You can download it from here: http://www.k100.biz/parade.htm

You can find there also my photo-booklet where also the e311 is included.


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