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Signal wire that can withstand abuse

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I have been tasked with finding a replacement cable for a footpedal. The issue is that the footpedal get's heavily used by the users of it - they have to move it around with their feet during procedures. The pedal has 3 foot switches, out to a cable and terminates in a multi-pin. The issue is that the cable always breaks somewhere in the length. I have tried other small signal cables but they all end up malfunctioning due to the abuse the pedal encounters. There is no opportunity to have the pedal treated better because it's within the context of the workflow of the company.

Do you know of a cable or cable-type that is designed for high wear and tear, bending and movement? The exisitng cable has 4 conductors. It only needs to carry low power DC. I have being using regular-type cable I can get from Digikey. Cable length is not critical, around 2-3 meters.

Maybe high-flex robotics cable.

Terry Bites:
 Olflex Silicone is pretty tough. Tip, put cores in parallel to mitigate against single conductor failures.
Put a sacrificial sleeve on top. Let them mash that up first. I have put silicone sleeving over expandable braided sleeving and it lasted a while..... but thats O.R. staff for you.

PUR cables can whistand a lot of mechanical abuse...
But the only long term solution will be if you put it into proper metal conduit + cable glands, for example like these: http://www.teaflex.com/en/Products/MetallicSystem/CoveredMetalconduits-Fittings-Accessories/SteelCoveredwithsteelbraid/SVT-MetalConduitgalvanisedcarbonsteelbraided


We use those in heavy industries, such as steel mills and quarries. Those conduits and glands are quite expensive, but really worth their money.

Pick high flex cable, put it in the heavy duty sleeve. Something like this (quick search): https://www.cabletiesandmore.com/kevlar-braided-sleeving


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