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SIM7600 HAT (WaveShare), 4G Modem



I am trying to achieve the sleep mode where current consumption will only be few miliamps but it would still be able to receive text messages.

I am using the TX,RX and the DTR pin to put it in sleep mode and wake it up.

According to docs, I send AT+CSCLK=1, and also pull up DTR, the NET LED goes off so i believe is in sleep mode. However the current is about 25 mA still. It should be few mA.

Has anyone managed to put SIM7600 HAT into sleep mode? is a hardware change required (de-soldering something)

Hi Babak7293,

Sitcom does have a manual listed on its site specific for this situation; SIM7X00 Series_Sleep Mode_ Application Note
You might have it already, otherwise you could request a copy


Are you using GPS? Have you also disabled GPS while in sleep state?

thanks, I have turned off the GPS using AT+CGPS=0. I have already looked at that sleep application document, but still not able to get the current consumption down to few mA.

It looks like there have been similar issues with Lilygo's module. Lilygo's module is not identical to your module, but quite similar.

"Power consumption of SIM7600 in sleep mode #13"

Please read the whole thread carefully before taking actions, though.

Hope that helps.


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