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Simple way to combine 2 stereo outputs?

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My powered computer speakers have a 3.5 mm jack I can alternatively plug into my computer's audio output or my DVR's audio output. I have multiple inputs to my LCD display so can watch either computer or DVR, but can only connect one of these sources at a time to the speakers.

What is a simple way to combine the audio outputs of these sources so to be able to have both connected full-time to the speakers? I'm not interested in matching volume levels from these sources; I can adjust the volume control on the speakers as needed.

Don't want active or passive switch or such.


summing mixer?

If you just want something cheap and ready made, look up "Belkin Rockstar". Note that although it looks like a regular splitter, internally it has resistors to allow it to work as a mixer.

Typically, a series resistor from each source to the load will do.  Its value depends on the circuit impedance, and needs to be on the low side to avoid excessive attenuation but high enough to avoid overloading.

I agree with series droppers.
To get sound card rhythm and various other inputs mixed  etc into an old guitar amplifier, I converted some input triodes to grounded grid with a  Rk = 2k7.
Then series resistors varying from 10 k to 2k7 on each stereo input channel, paralleled to feed Rk
On each series resistor a 0.68 uF 630V polyester in series  to let through Low E on a bass, and hopefully block any tube misdemeanors  from  damaging the sound card side.


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