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simulating railway circuits in circuit simulator

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Hi all,
New to the forum. I am very interested in simulating the OLD railway circuit diagrams from the 50's and 60's using KICAD or something similar. Is anyone aware of a a source for the neutral, polar  etc relays to use to simulate these circuits? I checked Alstom's site and dont see spec sheets that may detail whether there are newer relays that may be used to emulate these older ones and if they have them available for circuit modeling software.

Attached is a typical circuit diagram from a patent application using the neutral and polarized relays during the 50's and 60's that I would typically like to simulate.

Is anyone aware of someone who may have tried out a project like this?
Any help is appreciated.

What do you mean by "simulate?"

KiCad is for drawing, and if you want to make nice new versions of those schematics, you can certainly do that. But I'm very sure you'll need to create your own Relay Library first.


Thx for the clarification. Yes I was really looking for a good library of the relays or something to replicate them with to model the circuits in something like Kicad and them simulate them in Orcad or another circuit simulator. My big problem is in getting the relay library set up. Thats really what I need help with.


I think proteus is a better option if you want to simulate the circuit.

What a coincidence. I jut downloaded Proteus. Any help with a suggested library?


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