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Sodium Ion Battery evaluation

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I'd like to start a thread here for those informed and interested parties who may be looking at/working on this emergent technology.
I won't labour the point about the potential pros and cons here as google provides ample (mostly outrageous hype) on the subject.

These 18650 Lion look-alike cells have become available to home-shedders on AliX

Here is a User test vid from a respected source

to wet your whistle.

I am setting up my test bench and kit to subject these cells to performance testing and hope to present results here

Anyone else wish to join in and collaborate :-+

Notice a lot of naysayers pooh pooh yada yada  4x price, half capacity, 2x weight yet BYD (one of the largest EV auto makers) has already brought a car to market AWS.

What I like

@120Wh/kg (could be 200) its 1/4 weight of a LAB
Sodium Ion green plentiful chemistry
SIBs much safer, no thermal runaway, no noxious chemicals released
Current price of 100Ah 24v same as LAB but half size 1/4 weight 20kg vs 80kg
up to 3000 cycles (claimed) vs 500 cycles LAB
No complex BMS needed
Straight discharge curve 4-2v = 100-0% SOC easy to determine as a fuel tank gauge
Operates down to -40C (Lion 0C warning battery must be self heated)
Steel casing - very robust - no swelling

If it seems too good to be true - then more work needed :-//

OBTW Faradian - a British frontline developer has just been bought out by Reliance India - a huge corporate with deep pockets - could give PRC Hina serious competition.

You can be sure you wont win if you dont place a bet

Robin - Players please


Kind of Bizarre that these are being sold through normal channels with the true manufacturer hidden (Hakadi obviously isn't). Sodium Ion chemistries even from Chinese and Indian manufacturers seem quite diverse, would be interesting to know where these are really from.

The massive increase of energy density compared to Aquion is impressive, but I'm still not optimistic about the chances of this for now. When net zero gets closer and fast charging stations start becoming impossible to operate without their own storage, that's when sodium ion will shine IMO.

Hmm care to share what you have found?

AliX is always a risk and often impossible to get a refund for fake goods

Havent seen SIBs on Ebay yet? 

Often these factories dump their rejects out the back door to sell to us suckers out west.  Used Lions re wrapped is a common fake for cheapo goods (some have been filled with sand :-DD

But a week is a long time in the Battery business

One thing to bear in mind is that 120 Wh/kg is 432 kJ/kg. For comparison, the specific energy of gunpowder is about 3000 kJ/kg. So you can imagine, batteries with high energy density have the potential to be dangerous. The danger depends on how fast the energy can escape. For high power batteries the energy is designed to escape fast, so an accidental short can certainly produce heat and fire.

The arc flash from sc fault can produce vapourised copper spatter that can blind you.  UV Goggles must always be worn. Joe public doesnt realise this

Think stick welder arc x 1000 >:D


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