Author Topic: Soft latching push button ONLY on short press - MOM on long press?  (Read 141 times)

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I am working on a simple audio control circuit and need to integrate a PTT function using a button, I've been able to find a few soft latching schematics online, but they all seem to be soft latch 100% of the time... what I want is soft latching only on a very short (think half-second or less) press, if the button is held for more than a half-second, I want it to MOM and immediately disconnect the circuit when the button is released if the button has been held for more than a half-second. The catch here is i'd like to do this passively, and if not passively, in as simple, low draw circuit as possible, that will still MOM only if say... the active circuits battery were to die.

Suggestions? I'm stumped on how to do this without involving a microcontroller

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