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Soft Start for 24V Hot-Plugged Devices


I'm designing a 24V regulated battery operated power bus with multiple connectors for various devices that are hot-plugged into the 24V bus. I'm looking to incorporate MOSFET switches at each socket to monitor current, control power delivery and enable soft start when a device is plugged in.

My challenge is to detect when a connector is plugged into the socket. Since the plug and socket of the external devices adhere to standardized configurations, I can't add an extra pin for plug-in detection.

Is there a method or IC that can keep the MOSFET in the ohmic region until a load is detected, at which point it would initiate a soft start?

I’m open to all ideas here and any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


There are ICs for this very purpose.

These will do everything you want and more:

I'm trying to control the inrush from the Bus side.  My understanding is that all the Hotswap controllers are designed to work on the device that is being plugged into the bus and on on the bus its self.


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