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Solder 60/40 by mbo (NF 90550, DIN 1707L, B.S.219 and BS EN Alloys)

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Today I got my new roll of solder locally .

The solder works nicely, I searched to find the maker on the web,
and I ended up on one Chinese factory, that haves a major European presentation.

I am not aware about solder quality standards, but this one have lots of them.
The only that bothers me is the word of the company about shelve life of 12 months..
And the question would by ... why only 12 months ?

Picture ..
The PDF of my roll.

FR http://www.mbosolder.com/produits,fils-de-soudure.php 
EN  http://www.mbouk.co.uk/solderwire.htm

This has puzzled me a bit on occasion.  If anything it is the shelf life of the flux.  The metal isn't going to go bad, as long as you use extra flux I think you will have no problem.  Solder paste on the other hand will definitely go bad.  It will last a lot longer if refrigerated.

well, know what. i just got another roll of solder today, the same DOB as this thread, yes today i'm not kidding. due to dave recommendation (or poison? dammit!) to get the smallest diameter, 0.6mm is the smallest i can find locally. i still have more than half roll of 0.8mmØ in stock, but while in the shop, dave's face is strongger in my mind than my 0.8mmØ stock, so got one for eqv ~USD8. as you can see in the pic, there's no manufacturer info, but only... this "Finex" made got "Super Flux" and the "Leader of Quality" written on it. so i guess it beats every solder on earth including dave's, and its "immortal". i guess it came from the 9th realm ... at USD8/250g? super solder? good for money! :P


--- Quote from: Kiriakos-GR on September 14, 2011, 01:43:16 pm ---The solder works nicely, I searched to find the maker on the web,
and I ended up on one Chinese factory, that haves a major European presentation.

--- End quote ---
MBO (Métaux Blancs Ouvrés) has been a reputable French supplier of solder since my younger ages..
How did you discover that the factory is in China?

I'm using since many years Dave's recommended solder (60-40 Ersin Multicore) but in  larger diameters (0.7 mm for standard PCB and 1.0 mm for larger wire to connector  soldering).
After seeing the Solder Tutorial Video I searched for a 0.5 mm roll that was sitting in a closet and tried it.
After about 1000 joints I returned to the larger diameter, because I discovered that it allowed for a faster work: shorter time for a good joint. 
When I hand solder  IDC connectors to a PCB, I use a very large, very hot  tip and 1.0 mm solder:  I move quickly the tip and the solder wire in the middle of the two rows of pins and I'm done, in 10 seconds for a 26 pin connector.
Soldering wire is really a personal taste....

Regarding shelf life, time ago I tested some very old solder (more than 30 years old) that I bough for practically nothing, and discovered that some rolls were still very good (the flux had a "smell"  different from the new ones, but they gave good, clean joints) but others were  practically unusable : the flux had hardened to the point of not liquefying, and the smell was terrible.
I think that shelf life has to do with flux life, and maybe it can be increased by keeping the solder in an air-tight container.



--- Quote from: ciccio on September 14, 2011, 05:32:23 pm ---How did you discover that the factory is in China?

--- End quote ---

 ;)  http://www.dbgwmbo.com/web-e/pc.html

My old roll was from NEDIS  another European sales network, it supposed to was made in EU.
But the local sellers had weird pricing on the 100gr roll (6-7 EURO),
and I found much better pricing at the mbo 250gr (11 EURO) .   


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