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   I am building a box that will have an arm processor as its main micro controller. Well hardly a micro controller if you can boot linux.... any way, not the point.

   Well currently we are using SD cards as the non volatile storage which is great for development. Easy to image, convent to swap, huge sizes, ect. Fast access.  For production this is a non starter. The board are going to get conformaly coated and have to stand up to shock and vibration.

   We can use serial connected flash but this limits out storage size. The code will have to go on a diet to fit. Probably not a bad thing over all but this will take time. There is also a matter of figuring out how to switching things over.

   In the interim do you know of a SD card compatible chip / module that can be reflow soldered?  My search results have tuned up hacks to solder pins to a SD card rather than a properly made module.

 There has to be some thing in the embedded systems space to do this. I expect it isn't going to be cheap ether compared to commodity SD card. But with some sort of bom I can show how much "leaving things as- is" would really cost us vs transitioning to a serial flash.

What do you think?  :-//


eMMC is SD compatible, in chip form factor.

Maybe you could consider soldering down the card?

Or you can just put a microSD card with a basic card holder inside your board and glue the card in place?


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