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STM32 jetson

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I need help. Who wants to help me fight back vs NVIDIA and claim a bit of their %?

Your role is to help me with the FPGA, and maybe the FMC/QSPI dual bank.

You get what I get, 50/50.

Oh! I am not experienced in using this board, unfortunately. I hope someone qualified enough will see this.

ITS  custom HW that I made.

its a sandwich.

135$ BOM , 6 layer cheap PCB.

QSPI sandwich without bread.

And a Synch Sram sandwich with bread.

Its really not that bad, it goes fast.

It will be great once I can get a custom machined. stripper with notches.

@LootMaster @lawrence11

Why are you talking to yourself? Multiple accounts on this forum are against the rules.


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