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Studio Grade Headphones on the cheap - A DIY 3D Printable Project.

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Excellent thread!  You inspired me to try a DIY headphone project.

There are many headphone amplifiers with the TPA6120A2 chip. However, I am confused. Some with identical PCB layouts are listed as VAC while others are VDC.  For example, the listing for this one (https://www.aliexpress.com/i/2251832821951317.html?gatewayAdapt=4itemAdapt) is VDC (12 & 24 VDC), but the board clearly states VAC. It seems identical to the one in your photo. As you mention you are using USB for power, I assume that the amplifier has VDC input. Can you clarify?  I am looking for one of these amplifier variants for portable use with battery power.

A really interesting thread, thank you, as the owner of a pair of BOSE Quietcomfort headphones and a recently replaced set of RODE NT-100 headphones I look forward to taking some time to read all that you've done. :)

For anyone interested, apparently these amplifiers accept VDC or VAC power sources. Based on the OP's recommendation, I have ordered a couple.


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