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TEC or Other non-Aircon for Room Cooling

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ellow, has anyone done a good TEC cooling project + fan to cool like a 10square meter room?
is it even practical to use TEC for that type of cooling or any better ideas to keep a room where all walls are cement & is being bathed by the sun

it can get up to 45C in our area  :scared:



--- Quote from: mengfei on May 27, 2024, 02:54:03 am ---any better ideas to keep a room where all walls are cement & is being bathed by the sun

--- End quote ---
Use aluminum foil to reflect away the direct sunlight.

Why not simply using the usual commercial refrigeration cycle if you need room-sized aircon? Using TEC will not only horribly inefficient compared to refrigeration cycle but probably also give you (and everyone else) a lot of problem too with the required power.

Completely impractical. Efficiency is just way too low. Because the efficiency drops linearly as the hot side temperature rises, reaching 0 at 50-60degC dT, even getting 50% energy efficiency requires careful engineering: massive water cooling fan coil units.

Some 2kW cooling power is typically needed to make a difference. A compressor can do this well under 1kW electrical (and thus under 3kW dissipated); a Peltier solution would require at least 4kW power and thus dissipate 6kW of heat.

Classical phase change refrigeration cycle air conditioners are simply way more efficient.

Yes you could do it with peltier elements. However the number of peltier elements needed is huge to get the required cooling power. Then the inefficency means lots of power input to power it (so expensive to run due to the cost of electricity) and then you need a large heatsink to get rid of all that heat on the other side. Building this will be many times more expensive than a commercial unit and will be even more expensive to run due to the high power use.

The cheapest solution is to buy a commercial air conditioner. You can get a mini split unit for 300$ at a hardware store and they might include free installation with it. Or if you want it even simpler buy one of those american style window units, they don't need professional installation.

Only thing to avoid is floor standing AC units with a dryer hose out the back. Those have bad efficiency and need to have the water tray manually emptied all the time as they run.


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