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tek 495p help


I wiped the inch of dust off the tek 495P spectrum analyzer I bought with some other junk (a 2465A) for $200 and change at an auction and powered it up with the 100mhz calibration 50ohm output hooked directly into the 50ohm input.  After doing some sort of powerup test, it displayed the 100mhz fundamental and all of the harmonics in decreasing amplitude.  So at least it must be working somewhat.  There are at least 3 x 10^6 buttons on the front panel and the only one I really know how to use is labled "power"  :)

So....does anyone happen to have a pdf of the operators manual, service manual, etc?  I really haven't gotten to the point in my EE classes where I have need of a spectrum analyzer, but I wouldn't mind tinkering with it until then.

nevermind, I found it online through a link in a really cool document by a John Miles about repairing and troubleshooting 49x SAs.


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