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It seems that every time I look for terminal emulators, the field narrows and many of the apparent options are not actually terminal emulators.  Some years ago when I was developing a test fixture using a serial interface for control, I used Putty.  But I'm finding it to be a bit limiting for what I want to do now. 

Putty won't let me use different colors for received text and sent text.  It won't display control characters.  It also won't let me dump a text file into the serial port.  Unless maybe I'm just not finding these features... 

Can anyone recommend a terminal emulator that would do the job a bit better?  I remember when Windows came with a serial port tool like this, that was not great, but got the job done.  I can't find any sign of it now.

I thought maybe I'm using the wrong terminology, so I tried searching on "serial port monitor" and get programs that hook the serial port driver to show the data going back and forth. 

Is there a better term for what I'm looking for?

Maybe https://mobaxterm.mobatek.net/features.html offers something in this regard with customizable output for some keywords/conditions?

Try Realterm.

YAT, Realterm, Teraterm,  232analyzer...

Thanks.  I downloaded it and it seems to have a lot of capability.  Mostly these programs are not really oriented to serial port stuff, but I'll see what it can do.  So far I've not found a way to flag transmit and receive differently.


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